GERMANY Ta-dip, the wonderful website of Reinhold Kriegler.
CADRANS-SOLAIRES.ORG F. Blateyron's website. With a software to do sundials.
SOLARIUM A software to do sundials, by P. Dallet.
The website of Michel Lalos. A very interesting website.
The website of Serge Lagier. About sundials and other topics.
Yvon Massé's website. More theorical approach to sundials.
La SAF. The french sundial society.
C.C.S.Q. Québec sundial society.
Sundials in Bretagne. Jean-Paul Cornec's web site.
sundials in Paris. Andrée Gotteland's website.
Sundials in Eure et Loire. Sundial in Eure et Loire.
sundials in Queyras. Carine Souplet's website.
sundials in Rhône. Paul Gagnaire and Evelyne Vernus's website.
sundials in Ardennes. Pierre Gorria's website.
DASYPODIUS. sundials in Alsace.
B.S.S. The British Sundial Society.
Phil's sundial webpages. Phil Walker's website.
NASS. The North American Sundial Society.
Sundial links. many links to sundial website all around the world.
Gnomonica. sundials in Italy, by Nicola Severino.
SOLARIA. Sundials in Italy.
CARPE DIEM. Sundials in Spain.
MAJORQUE. Sundials in Majorque, by Juan Serra Busquets .
Societat Catalana de Gnomònica . Sundials in Catalogne.
SPAIN Sudials in Andalousia, by Esteban Martínez.
NEDERLAND . Sundials in Nederland by Franz Maes.
AUSTRIA . Sundials in Austria.
République Tchèque . Sundials in Républiques Tchèque et Slovaque .
GERMANY. Peter Lindner's web site.
Italy. Franco Martinelli's web site.
Norway. Anne Bruvold's web site.
République Tchèque. Pavel Marek's web site.
Sundials of the world. Carl Sabanski' web site.
BELGIQUE. Sundials in Wallonie and Bruxelles.